A Global Review: UNDP Support to Institutional and Legislative System for Disaster Risk Management

07 Jun 2012

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report has highlighted governance as a key unresolved issue in both the configuration and the reduction of disaster risk. The need to further strengthen institutional and legislative systems for disaster risk management remains a topical issue, which must be addressed if lasting improvements are to be achieved in reducing the level of disaster risk to which the majority of poor and marginalized populations are still exposed. 


With the aim to review its role in strengthening institutional and legal systems, and to direct future UNDP commitment in this area, UNDP embarked on a global review, which identified important factors contributing to and influencing such systems. Lessons learned from the global review will guide the formulation of disaster risk management  projects in selected countries where national governments are committed to their initiation. The results will be incorporated into UNDP’s ongoing work in capacity building and training with a view to increasing.

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