30 Dec 2010

Strengthening local governance can play a critical role in human development.   Decentralizing power from the centre to the provinces, districts and villages enables women and men to participate in decision-making directly, and to hold local officials and politicians more accountable to the communities and individuals  they are meant to serve. Local governments can be more responsive to local  needs, make better use of resources and direct them towards providing basic social services.


The demands on UNDP to assist countries with local governance reforms are rapidly growing. This is because of the increasing realization that such reforms are critical in bringing about transformations in the lives of women and men, especially among poor, discriminated and disadvantaged communities. This report presents the results of an independent evaluation of the contribution of UNDP to strengthening local governance. The report sets out the findings of the evaluation and assesses the relevance, responsiveness, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of UNDP work in local governance.  

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