Environmental and Social Management Plan for the Proposed Green Climate Fund Project

09 Nov 2016

This Environmental and Social Management Plan has been prepared in support of a project proposal on “Integrated Flood Management to Enhance Climate Resilience of the Vaisigano River Catchment in Samoa” by the Government of Samoa to the Green Climate Fund. The proposed project seeks GCF resources to overcome key technical and financial barriers to enhance resilience in flood management in the Vaisigano River Catchment. GCF resources will contribute towards minimizing the likelihood of damages from extreme events including disruption to livelihoods of over 30% of Samoa’s population. Three interlinked project outputs will be pursued to operationalize the Government’s plans in the context of an overarching programme for managing flood risks, including:


(a) Strengthening capacities and mechanisms for integrated approach to reduce flood-related risks in place;

(b) Key infrastructure in the Vaisigano River Catchment are flood-proofed to increase resilience to negative effects of excessive water; and

(c) Drainage in downstream areas upgraded for increased regulation of water flows.


As UNDP is the GCF Accredited Entity, the project has been screened against UNDP’s Social and Environmental Standards Procedure and deemed a Category B project. In line with the law of the Government of Samoa, and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is not considered necessary for this project. 


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