Northern Group Senior Students SRIC Climate Change Proposal Writing Workshop Report, Cook Islands

22 Aug 2015

The Te Maeva Nui event in July, where many of the outer island students congregate on Rarotonga, presented a great opportunity for Climate Change Cook Islands (CCCI) to host a week-long workshop.


The objective of the workshop was to give senior students the opportunity to - build their awareness of issues relating to climate change, develop their research skills, and to capture the interest of students with the various disciplines involved as potential careers for them.


In addition, it was the intention that the workshop would lead to the development of a climate change related project for their respective islands. Through this workshop, students were expected to work with the local government, elders, various groups on their respective islands, and experts from various fields to guide them through the development of a concept note that would be developed into a full proposal at a later stage.


Project can be marine related (e.g., raui, aqua-farming to address resilience and food security respectively), land-based (e.g., coastal protection, reforestation, agriculture to address sea level rise, storm surges, cyclones, and food security), or a combination of the two (e.g., land to reef holistic management for ecosystem resilience).


The workshop would also ensure that projects meet the criteria of the Climate Change Cook Island’s SRIC CC program (which is to Strengthen the Resilience of our Island communities in the Pa Enua to Climate Change) for funding.


Considering that opportunities for Northern island students are limited due to transportation, the workshop was limited to the senior students from the Northern islands (i.e., Manihiki, Rakahanga, Penrhyn, and Pukapuka/Nassau, and Palmerston). A maximum of six students and one teacher from each school was required to participate in the workshop.

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