Samoa Tropical Cyclone Evan Early Recovery Project


Tropical Cyclone Evan struck the Samoa islands on 13 December 2013 causing major damage to physical assets in all sectors of economic and social activity to the amount of 251.6 million SAT.  The losses arising from the disaster across all sectors are estimated at 228.9 million SAT.  The figures are very significant for the relatively small size of the Samoan economy.

Brief Description

On the basis of the assessment of damages and needs conducted through the assistance of UNDP from January to April 2013, UNDP has decided to develop a cyclone and flood recovery programme in support of the Government of Samoa.

The programme would implement only those components of overall recovery needs, which actively encourages household and community recovery and enhances national capacity in disaster risk management.

It is expected that the Government of Samoa would be able to secure resources from other sources for supporting infrastructure recovery.

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