Samoa Parliamentary Support Project (SPSP)

 Honorable members of parliament with the UNDP Resident Representative, Ms Nileema Noble in the front row (4th from left). Photo credit: Tim Rasmussen.

Following Samoa’s national elections in March 2011, the HRPP Government was returned to parliament with a substantial majority, but for the first time an official Opposition was also formed within Parliament.  Both the Government and the Opposition have indicated a strong commitment to utilizing Parliament as a place for debate, discussion and oversight.  In this context, the time appears ripe for aparliamentary support project to be implemented which will work with all MPs to stregngthen their capacity to use parliamentary processes to more effectively engage with national development issues.  Accordingly, this Project aims to work with;

i) MPs directly (Outputs 1 & 2) and

ii) The Parliamentary Secretariat (Outputs 2-4) 

To strengthen capacity of Samoa’s MPs to more effectively and accountability promote and progress Samoa’s national development priorities and the achievement of the MDGs.

The SPSP is implemented under the umbrella of the MDGs Acceleration Programme, with financial support of the Government of Samoa and AUSAID.

Expected Project Outputs

Output 1:  Effective leadership and accountability of Members of Parliament and political parties strengthened.

Output 2:  Law-making and committee oversight strengthened in support of MDGs achievement

Output 3:  Engagement of public with Members of Parliament and parliament strengthened with special effort made to engage young people and women

Output 4:  Efficient, professional and high quality administrative support and services provided to Members of Parliament and other key clients groups.

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