Tokelau Good Governance Initiation Plan (TGG-IP) Phase

Brief Description

 Talikilagi, Nukunonu, Tokelau. Photo Credit: UNDP Samoa.

At the request of the Office of the Council of the On-going Government of Tokelau, this Initiation Plan Phase Project seeks to begin the process of improving the transparency, accountability and efficiency of the public sector in Tokelau.

Improvements in governance systems and processes will help ensure the effective delivery of basic public services on the atolls.  A human rights based approach will be appklied in the design and implementation of this project.

The two project components are;

  1. Implementation of Good Governance Training of Trainers and training for the Government and other key stakeholders using the Governance training manual developed by Massey University: and
  2. Forumulation of a longer term Capacity Development programme on good governance for Tokelau that is aligned with the proposed Tokelau Change Plan (2014).

The project will work closely with the target groups, the villagers and public servants, who will serve as agnts of change in Tokelau while this project focusses on promoting good governance principles, with a focus on service delivery, it will have an impact on all aspects of life in Tokelau. 

It is expected to bring enhanced decision making, more transparent processes in working with development partners and in the performance of all partner-supported programmes, including those in energy and environment currently supported by UNDP.

UNDAF Outcome 5

Governance and Human Rights.

Expected Outputs

  1. Implementation of Good Governance Training for theTaupulega (main government entity on each atoll) and Communities in Tokelau in order to promote good governance principles and practises.
  2. Formulation of the full Capacity Development for Ongoing Improvements in Basic Social Services Delivery in Tokelau Project completed and approved.

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