NBSAP: National Biodiversity Planning to Support the Implementation of the CBD 2011-2020 Strategic Plan in the Cook Islands

Brief Description


The project builds on the current status and achievements of the Cook Islands with respect to its obligations vis-à-vis the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), in particular the country’s biodiversity planning and Convention reporting processes, and its commitment to implement, at the national level, the CBD’s Strategic Plan for the period 2011-2020.

The project objective is to integrate the Cook Islands’ obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) into its national development and sectoral planning frameworks through an inclusive board and participative ‘biodiversity planning’, strategizing process, in a manner that is in line with the global guidance contained in the CBD’s Strategic Plan for 2011-2020.

In order to achieve the above objective, three ‘outcomes’ are expected from the project: 

• Outcome 1 – A participative stocktaking exercise on biodiversity planning occurs and national biodiversity targets are developed in response to the global Aichi Targets.

• Outcome 2 – The NBSAP is revised/updated in order to fully integrate new aspects of the CBD strategic plan, such as mainstreaming and anchoring the implementation of the plan into national development frameworks, valuing ecosystem services and promoting ecosystem-based adaptation and resilience.

• Outcome 3 – National frameworks for resource mobilization, convention reporting and exchange mechanisms are established and strengthened


UNDP Strategic Plan Output

Demonstration projects on natural resources management and biodiversity at the community level hat can be scaled up are implemented, and the formulation of evidence-based policies supported.

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