Private Sector Support Facility (PSSF)

 Lalomanu beach, Aleipata in Samoa. Photo credit: UNDP Samoa MCO.

Improving both the growth and profitability of the private sector in Samoa is targeted by government and development partners. As highlighted in the Government's Strategy for the Development of Samoa (SDS) the private sector is the engine of growth of the country’s economy and moves will be put in place, with the assistance of UNDP and NZAID, to ensure that resources are readily accessible to people to strengthen and augment the efforts of environmentally sustainable and gender sensitive enterprises to improve their performance and profitability. A Private Sector Support Facility (PSSF) will be designed and set up by the government for this purpose.


The primary objective of the Facility is to support the development of the private sector and to enhance trade opportunities through value added initiatives.

Outcomes and Outputs

Key results expected:

  • A harmonized donor support to enable government to support the strengthening of local businesses, targeting private sector development, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises in the rural areas, where studies have shown the most hardship is experienced, and promoting gender equality. 
  • A more focused, equitable and sustainable dialogue at the national level on the needs and priority areas for investment in private sector growth in the country through a dedicated Forum of local commercial representatives, government and donors that will be formed for this purpose.

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