TALAVOU - Samoa Joint Young People's Programme

 Youth employment has increased with the formation of dance troupes by some groups to earn a living. Photo credit: UNDP Samoa MCO.

The TALAVOU Programme supports the implementation of the Samoa National Development Strategy (2005-2007) specifically regarding developments in the youth sector (section IV page 17). This Programme was developed by the Government of Samoa and the UN system based on the Samoa National Youth Policy and SDS 2002-04. It supports the implementation of selected activities to address key priorities identified in the Samoa National Youth Policy and Strategic Plan. The programme consists of four inter-linked components:

  1. Self worth improvement initiatives
  2. Skills formation and human development initiatives
  3. Income generation and livelihood initiatives
  4. Programme Management and Coordination

Expected outputs

  • Improved self worth development for Samoa Young People.
  • Improved youth skills development for employment opportunities
  • Increased opportunities in employment for young people and livelihoods creation.

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