Youth Employment Programme

Supported by UNDP, ILO, FAO, UNESCO, UNV

Programme Outcome

Youth in Samoa, inclusive of those who are marginalised from mainstream economic activities, secure productive employment and decent work and contribute to sustainable and resilient economic growth. 

Programme Outputs

  1. A technologically enabled ‘Youth Employment Network’ that provides youth with information and employment services to facilitate their successful entry to the labour market.
  2. Youth have the knowledge and skills required to access employment opportunities created by climate change adaption strategies and within the local economic development value chains relating to agriculture, creative industries and community-based tourism.
  3. Youth-led micro- and small businesses are strengthened as a result of tailored and comprehensive support services, which include policies, strategies and dialogue that facilitate an enabling environment for the growth of micro- and small businesses and enhance the protection for youth through the legal empowerment of the informal economy.

Brief Description

The One-UN (Samoa) Youth Employment Programme (1UN-YEP) is responding to the request from the Government of Samoa to assist in its ongoing efforts to address youth unemployment.  A programme of coordinated activities has been designed with the specific objective of assisting youth to develop the knowledge and skills needed to enter the labour market, and to provide them with the additional supporting services needed to secure decent work opportunities in either waged employment or in small business development.

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