UNDP funds office for SAME

RR-NileemaNoble SAME-FunefeaiOliva
UNDP Resident Representative shake on the agreement with SAME president, Afioga Funefeai Oliva Vaai. Photo credit: Samoa Observer Newspaper

SAME now has an office with which they will be in a better position to consult with local members and those who need information.

SAME has a new office thanks to UNDP

  • UNDP happy to provide support to the private sector through associations like SAME.
  • Technical assistance provided by UNDP will not only fund an office for SAME but also recruit personnel to run its office.
  • "Historic event" for SAME.

Thanks to the technical assistance provided by UNDP, it will also enable the Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters, to recruit a technical advisor and personnel to run the office.

The Resident Representative of UNDP in Samoa, Ms Nileema Noble, signed the agreement with SAME at Alaimoana Hotel 30th May 2013.

SAME president, Afioga Funefeai Oliva Vaai remarked that the establishment of the office will help the association achieve one of its main goals, which is to strengthen the capability of its members to be more competitive, now that Samoa is a member of the World Trade Organization.

The “historic event” will mark the foundation and development of the association, as stated by the vice president of SAME, Eddie Wilson.

“UNDP is very happy to partner with SAME and this will continue if SAME will have good results,” Ms Nileema Noble commented.

The office opened on 1st of June, and is located at the Wesley Arcade on the third floor in Apia.

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