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  • COP 21 | The Impacts of the Outcomes - A Pacific ViewFeb 2, 2016There is no doubt that climate change is real in the Pacific, and finally, a global agreement has been made that recognised this. The Agreement highlights a path into the future which promises hope for sustainability and equality, where all countries are able being called upon to take responsibility for their actions and have agreed that climate change is of national concern and can only be challenged through a unified and sustainable approach.

  • Parliamentary Legal Counsel to Samoa Parliament strengthens democracyJan 25, 2016Dr. Mulitalo leads a team of six research officers at the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Samoa, providing support to parliamentarians as part of her job under the Samoa Parliamentary Support Project (SPSP), a collaborative effort by UNDP, AusAid and partners.

  • Strengthening Samoa’s Critical Landscapes through a rehabilitated NurseryJan 20, 2016The rehabilitation of a Plant Nursery at Vailima is one of the efforts by the Government of Samoa and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to address the local communities’ land degradation issue through seedling rearing and supply.

  • Practice Parliament for Women who want to run for OfficeJan 19, 2016As part of the Increasing Political Participation of Women in Samoa (IPPWS) Programme, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UN Women in partnership with the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly (OCLA), are organising a Practice Parliament to support women candidates in their efforts to get elected to the National Parliament in the March elections.

  • Vaiala Seawall officially inauguratedDec 18, 2015The Vaiala Seawall was built as part of the “Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change” project financed by the Adaptation Fund and implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

  • Youth groups receive grants for environmental projectsDec 18, 2015The Youth Climate Action Network (YCAN) with representatives from 12 villages in Upolu and Savaii received a grant of USD 47,500. The Network will implement environmental projects focused on four main areas: waste management, rehabilitation of ecosystems, replanting and conservation of forests to protect watersheds and birdlife, and agricultural activities based upon sound ecological principles to support livelihoods generation for unemployed youth.

  • Aspirations: Stories of Samoan Youth shaping their futureDec 11, 2015Aspirations is a photographic project that aims at documenting the reality of youths in Samoa, with a special focus on employment.

  • Freezer Handover marks Tokelau's Green Energy LeadershipDec 4, 2015In 2012, Tokelau achieved one of the world’s first energy transformation milestones: a country able to use solar power to generate 100 per cent of its electricity.

  • Building Blocks for Gender Equality: fostering women’s inclusion in politicsDec 4, 2015Women’s participation in decision –making is still a challenge and is restricted regardless their right to participate equally in democratic governance and their proven abilities as leaders and agents of change.

  • A Samoan Mission to ParisDec 2, 2015Mr. Iosefa has been tasked with bringing the voice of the people of the Pacific to Paris, to demand positive and legally binding results that will ensure the livelihoods of the Pacific peoples. “I would like to see the Pacific voices be heard in Paris, and making a strong statement to protect our land and our heritage. We have to fight for our survival and our most valuable possession, which is our land.

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