Mr Vineet Bhatia visits Samoa UNDP project sites

Mar 30, 2012

Usu Fono, far right, of YWAM showing their bio-gas project as Mr Vineet Bhatia, second from right and UNDP and YWAM members look on. Photo credit: UNDP Samoa MCO

Mr Vineet Bhatia, Chief of South East Asia and Pacific Division (SEAPD) of the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), visited several project sites of Upolu island, Samoa.

The project site visits was conducted by UNDP in cooperation with government of Samoa. On the project, Vaitua Toelupe, senior disaster management officer, from Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment was accompanied along with staff from UNDP. Vaitua Toelupe and Ms. Yvette Kerslake, environmental programme officer of UNDP, explained the comprehensive projects during the site visits.

On this project site visits, Mr. Vineet Bhatia visited Youth with a Mission (YWAM) community as first site, one of the Small Grant Programme (SGP) projects. In YWAM community, they operate and demonstrate sustainable development system, such as bio-gas system from the organic waste and fish farm using circulation of water.

The second site was Sapoe & Utulaelae School, where Communication and Information centre was placed. Currently Internet connectivity for the Information centre is via dial-up and will look forward to changing it to a broadband service in the future.

Lastly he visited Tsunami affected areas, where Early Recovery Project (ERP) and Community-Centered Sustainable Development Program (CCSDP) are taking place. Providing water tank to villagers, as a part of ERP, was a project that was collaborated with Red Cross for villagers to save rain water of wet season to use it for living. Last site was village, where CCSDP is taking place, and Mr. Vineet Bhatia met the beneficiaries and the village mayor.

After the site visits, Mr. Vineet Bhatia said, “I have seen a number of your programmes on the ground and was impressed by the results that have evidently been achieved” and cheered the staff of UNDP.

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