Samoa to Paris: Getting our story to COP21

Aug 20, 2015

UNDP Staff all geared up to support voices for climate action at COP21 in Paris. Photo credit: UNDP Samoa.

UNDP Samoa has started something big. Something global. Something that will address climate change head on.And we hope to see many Samoans getting involved in the campaign called “Pole to Paris” – starting on August 24. 

“Pole to Paris” is a global climate change awareness campaign that is capturing the attention of international media and the project started right here in Apia, Samoa. 

Climate change is something that affects the entire globe. We want to include the voices of those people who are not on the direct Pole to Paris route and carry them to COP21. This is where Samoa comes in. To support the team, UNDP Samoa in partnership with Digicel, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development, Adaptation Fund and United Nations Volunteers and the GEF Small Grants Programme, will hold a series of events. 


• August 24 – 27 of a South-to-South Youth Conference will be held with youth from Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau. Here, they will not only discuss climate change issues but solutions. 

• August27, youth from around Apia will run from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to various climate change sites funded by the Adapation Fund to support the Pole to Paris campigan and highlight what action is happening in Samoa. 

• August 29, the UNDP Samoa team will be running in the Perimeter Relay around Uplou, to physically show our support for Pole to Paris and our voice against climate change. 

All activities will be filmed by a young film crew from New Zealand called Raw Cinematics, where the results will be shown on international and local media platforms. 

In less than 4 months, 2 young climate scientists (Daniel Price and Erlend Moster Knudsen) have put climate change on the media agenda in a way that has rarely be done before. The campaign will follows these scientists as they travel separately from the Polar Regions to Paris, one by bicycle (Daniel) and one by foot (Erlend). In Paris, COP21 will take place – where the world will negotiate and formalize a climate deal that will shadow our efforts towards tackling the issue for years to come. 

UNDP Samoa is excited about these events and sending a Samoan voice to COP21. So we are heard and acknowledged. We welcome support for these events in the coming weeks and hope we can hear your climate action story. 

UNDP Samoa made UNDP’s global partnership with Pole to Paris possible (all continents word wide are now engaged from Uganda to Denmark). The team has provided support to the project to make it grow into an international success. We excited to annoance that the story is now coming to Samoa. 

Come and join the march and a global campaign. Please come to the TATTE building at 8am on Thursday, August 27.

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