UNDP engages with partners to increase delivery of results

May 13, 2011

Vaiala Beach students voicing their concerns over their future. Photo credit: UNDP Samoa MCO.

The United Nations Development Programme’s Multi Country Office (MCO) in Samoa, met with a wide cross section of development partners on Thursday 12th May 2011 in an active engagement to better familiarise partners with its work in Samoa. The main objectives of the meeting were:

i) To enhance accountability and transparency to their constituents,
ii) To inform development partners of the work of UNDP in the four Pacific Island Countries (Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa & Tokelau),
iii) To obtain feedback from development partners on how UNDP can further improve its performance in both programmatic and operational areas and;
iv) To identify possible areas for closer collaboration and partnerships.

“This initiative is the start of a systematic process to engage and dialogue with various
UNDP partners,” states Nileema Noble, UNDP Resident Representative. “Our office has
gone through a reform phase to ensure that the way we do our work is more inclusive
and that we focus on the poorest and the vulnerable through the human rights based

The meeting featured the four main areas of focus for UNDP’s work in Samoa viz. 1)
Millennium Development Goals; 2) Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR); 3) Gender Equality; and 4) Supporting the transition of Samoa to Middle Income Status.

Presentations by senior UNDP personnel on programmes, budgets, human resources and
partnerships were all linked to UNDP’s  commitment to be more transparent and

The opportunity was also provided to clients of UNDP projects from communities, civil society organisations and the private sector to provide insights into how UNDP’s work was impacting on communities across the nation. Students from the Vaiala Beach School who were recently involved in a photo and writing project entitled “Potraits of Resilience” presented essays which highlighted their perspective on issues of climate
change in Samoa.

As eleven year old Piliopo Wallwork stated, “Even though Samoa is a little dot on the map, I wonder if the bigger countries realise that their pollution is affecting my Samoa.”

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