Interim Review: SAME-UNDP Joint Programme - Administration Office

May 28, 2014

Mrs Eth Lloyd (VSA Volunteer with SAME), Mr Anthony Wood (UNDP Resident Representative), Tagaloa Eddie Wilson (SAME President), Ahmed Moustafa (MDGs and Poverty Reduction Team Leader, UNDP Pacific Centre, Fiji), Mrs Laisene Tuioti Mariner (SAME Technical Advisor), Georgina Bonin (Assistant Resident Representative – Governance and Poverty Reduction Unit, UNDP Multi-Country Office, Samoa), Patrick Rasmussen (SAME Executive Committee Member). Photo credit: Jasmine Subasat.

The Samoa Association of Manufacturers & Exporters and Representatives of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Samoa, met on Tuesday, 6th May 2014 at the Le Alaimoana Hotel, Vaiala, Apia to discuss and review the progress of its Joint Venture Programme to establish an Administration Office for SAME.  The parties signed a LOA in 2013 – Samoa as a Private Sector support programme “ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ACCELERATING MDG’S IN THE PACIFIC-PRIVATE SECTOR SUPPORT WHERE SAME SERVES AS IMPLEMENTING PARTNER”. The programme provided funding to enable SAME to recruit a Technical Advisor to head the establishment of its administration office and to provide ongoing technical support for its members. The recruitment of the Technical Advisor and establishment of the SAME Office are an integral part of SAME’s plans to enhance its services for its members, and promote and develop the manufacturing and export trade sectors of Samoa.

The programme is for a period of 3 years, with funding by UNDP on a year by year basis, subject to a successful implementation of the programme. Ms Laisene Tuioti Mariner was recruited by SAME as its Technical Advisor under the programme.

In SAME’s Interim Report submitted to the UNDP - the Association has considered the programme as a huge success for its members in the following areas:

  • SAME has now established a fully and well equipped administration Office located at the Wesley Arcade Matafele - offering full services to its members and stakeholders; and also as the focal point for SAME. The SAME office is assisted by the New Zealand VSA Programme through the provision of Administration and Finance Advisors.
  • The programme directly contributed to the successful implementation of the SAME “Buy Samoa Made” New Zealand Trade Show that took place in November 2013
  • Effective co-ordination and continuation of the SAME International Certification (ISO) Programme 2014-2016 on a sustainable basis.
  • Enhancement of competitiveness of Samoa manufacturers and exporters of goods and services, leading to increase trade and exports.

The anticipated impact of the programme would be increased competitiveness, export and trade which could contribute to job creation and poverty alleviation for Samoa.

The UNDP Resident Representative a.i., Mr Anthony Wood was very appreciative of the receipt of the Interim Progress Report from SAME and on behalf of the UNDP Pacific Centre and Multi-Country Office in Apia acknowledged the dedicated efforts of SAME to ongoing strengthening of its operations and services to its members and country as a whole. “UNDP stands fully prepared to assist the private sector and Government of Samoa in its efforts to increase its trade income particularly now it has graduated from Least Developed Country status, and to the successful implementation of the Trade, Commerce and manufacturers Sector Plan, in which SAME plays an important role. The stronger the private sector is, the better it is for implementation of the Sector Plan and we are very happy to learn of the progress that has been made with the modest resources provided by UNDP”, said Mr Wood.

The SAME President, Tagaloa Eddie Wilson says SAME are very grateful of UNDP’s assistance with this programme. Tagaloa said “Together SAME and UNDP discussed the increasing role of SAME to provide its international certification programme to assist manufacturers and exporters’ competitiveness and export potential. This in turn will enable SAME to contribute to poverty alleviation in Samoa”.

The parties acknowledge with appreciation the assistance from the New Zealand High Commission in furnishing the office; as well as the support by the Government of Samoa and various funding from the Private Sector Support Facility (PSSF) and Trade, Commerce & Manufacturing Sector (TCM) Programme.