Getting our Governments and Economies Ready for the Digital Age, 7 and 8 June 2018, Apia, Samoa


High Level Workshop, 11 and 12 June 2018, Apia, Samoa

UNDP_WS_HighTechPhotoCreditOne of the core objectives of the conference is to share lessons learnt with decision makers and identify priority areas on which the Government can focus its implementation efforts. Photo credit: Hi Tech Youth Samoa/2017.

The Government of Samoa is keen to promote regional connectivity and collaboration in technologies to capitalize on the infrastructure investments and has vowed to move towards a knowledge-based economy. It believes that it is possible to ready the public service for the digital age, thereby realizing the vision of a “professional and competent public administration that provides quality, efficient and transparent services for and to its people”.  

At the same time, it recognises the importance of leveraging the opportunities of increased connectivity and the 4th Industrial Revolution, for fostering a digital economy and helping its private sector to adapt new technologies that build on existing strengths, generate employment and make its businesses more competitive.

The Government of Samoa has partnered with the UNDP in hosting the Pacific Digital Futures: Samoa 2018 which will focus on how digital transformation can facilitate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the region.


Conference Objectives

The regional conference will bring together influential development thinkers, practitioners, and public, private, civil society organizations and youth representatives to learn about international experience in digital transformation, to envision how the region and its small island developing states might benefit and to identify common development objectives that can be pursued to leverage the opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

The regional conference forms part of a programme of events that will carry forward and contextualise the regional discussion to the national context, producing concrete follow-up activities towards an actionable digital transformation agenda.

In organising the events, the Government of Samoa is pursuing three core objectives:

1. Prepare the ground for greater collaboration on digital technologies in the Pacific, in view of leveraging the increase in connectivity and potential for creating a regional digital economy which enjoys greater integration and prosperity;

2. Share lessons learnt with its own decision-makers, generate a shared vision on digitalisation and identify priority areas on which the Government can focus its implementation efforts, thereby launching a process of organisational, cultural and technological change that will ready the nation for the digital age.

3. Identify key partners and financing mechanisms for the e-Governance reform in Samoa and in the region to expedite progress in digitalizing public and commercial services through relevant legislation, institutional design  and capacity development. 

The conference is expected to determine the cornerstones of a digital transformation agenda, produce a sound basis  for the design and resourcing of an action plan for Samoa as well as initial ideas for regional collaboration that the delegates can hand over to the relevant regional organisation(s) to pursue at the leadership level.

The event takes place before regional leaders meet in Tonga for the progress review of the SAMOA Pathway, which includes, inter-alia, specific priorities on adoption of technology and on multi-stakeholder partnerships for development in the Pacific.


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