Economy-wide integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk management to reduce climate vulnerability of communities in Samoa

UNDAF Outcome

Outcome 1.1. By 2017 the most vulnerable communities across the PICTs are more resilient and select government agencies, civil society organizations and communities have enhanced capacity to apply integrated approaches to environmental management, climate change adaptation/mitigation, and disaster risk management.

UNDP Strategic Plan Outcome

Outcome 5. Countries are able to reduce the likelihood of conflict, and lower the risk of natural disasters, including from climate change.

UNDAF Results Matrix

  • Output 3.1.2. Strengthened national capacity to develop and upgrade the national environmental policy and the implementation of relevant gender and climate change policy responses.
  • Output 3.2.2. Strengthened capacity support for community disaster risk reduction and school-based DRM.
  • Output 3.2.4. Strengthened government and UN planning and coordination of humanitarian responses, including post disaster employment and livelihood options for women and men.
  • Output 3.2.7. Improve monitoring of climate change through centralised collection of data.

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