Government and UN launch new programme to tackle Youth Unemployment in Samoa

Jun 26, 2015

From left to right, Peseta Noumea Simi, ACEO Ministry of Finance, Lizbeth Cullity, UN Resident Coordinator and Faafetai Koria, ACEO of the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development, at the signing ceremony held at the UN. Photo Credit: Shaun Kennedy.

The Government of Samoa, through the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development, has taken another step forward in their commitment to reduce youth unemployment in Samoa. 

An exciting new programme was officially launched at a signing ceremony on Friday morning 26th June. This Government-led programme is unprecedented in that it will be supported by five UN agencies, combining and coordinating their activities to fulfill their commitment to the Government to ‘deliver as one UN’ in Samoa. 

The five UN agencies supporting the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development in its efforts to reduce youth unemployment are UNDP, ILO, FAO, UNESCO, and UNV. 

Ms. Misa Seletuta Pita, the ACEO (Division for Youth) at the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development said “This is only a beginning of much more exciting work in response to youth employment issues in Samoa going forward. We have to make sure that young people including the marginalized individuals (out-of-school nor in employment or training, school drop-outs, young offenders, idle youth) do benefit from this programme. Yet another milestone for our young people and all sector partners involved from the inception phase of design – again congratulations to all of you who made this possible!”.  

Ms. Lizbeth Cullity, the UN Resident Coordinator in Samoa, said “Support to youth development is a specific focus of the UN system in Samoa. We are delighted to have this opportunity to combine the different strengths and technical capacities of five UN agencies and to respond to the Government’s request to deliver as One UN, and in particular to support the ongoing efforts to reduce youth unemployment”. 

The programme has been designed with the specific objective of assisting young women and men to develop the knowledge and skills needed to enter the labour market, and to provide them with the additional supporting services needed to secure employment opportunities in either waged employment or in small business development. 

The Ministry and the UN agencies will partner with both private sector and civil society organisations to provide this range of services to youth. 

The programme activities will include support to the Samoa National Youth Council to establish a ‘Youth Employment Network’ that will provide information and basic employment services to facilitate successful entry by youth to the labour market. The new programme will also focus on enabling youth to have better access to employment opportunities within the agricultural sector, community-based tourism and the creative industries. In addition, the programme will create an innovative ‘Small Business Incubator’ service. This service will provide youth with guidance to help them fully explore their entrepreneurial potential, and will the process of developing an idea and bringing it through to commercial viability in a competitive marketplace. The programme will also work to improve the enabling environment for micro- and small business growth, and to reduce the vulnerabilities of youth working in the informal economy.

The programme is directly aligned with the National Youth Policy 2011 – 2015 and will contribute to the implementation of Samoa’s first National Action Plan on Youth Employment.




For further information:

Mrs. Angharad Toma Saga – Principal Youth Development Officer – Email – – Phone – (685) 21997

Mr. Filia Iosefa, UN Coordination Specialist - Email: - Phone: (685) 23670 Extension 31

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