Samoa: Build Back Better for Cyclone Evan affected people

Talo Peauvasa Talaepa and his family are very pleased to have permanent shelter after passing almost two years in a temporary shelter.  

Providing a Safe Haven

Climate Proofing Mangaia Harbour in the Cook Islands.  

Marshall Islands: Protecting drinking water from drought and sea level rise

By the time the Government declared a state of emergency in 2013, the wells had long run dry in the drought-stricken northern reaches of the Marshall Islands, and families had started fleeing to the…  

Mid Term Evaluation Site Visit for ICCRIFS

ICCRIFS Mid term evaluation site visit to villages in Samoa.  

Project helps establishment after Tsunami

Litia Sini is grateful to the PSSF project for providing the signages for her establishment after rebuilding from the 2009 Tsunami's devastation.  

Stepping out of Poverty

A mother and son team from Saleaumua are actively attempting to step out of poverty, by applying local knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to improve their livelihoods.  

PACC+ improves water quality on Tokelau

PACC+ has enabled families living in Tokelau to have better quality of water and access.  

Mobile Computer Laboratory changes one boy's life

Mobile computer laboratory amazes one young boy and has given him the opportunity to express his future aspirations.  

Salei’a community gearing up for inclusive and accountable successes

With the support of the team from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/Global Environment Fund (GEF) Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) project, women and men, young and old from the village…  

Building Back Better at the Heart of the Tourism Tsunami Rebuilding Programme

Representatives from UNDP, Samoa Hotel Association, respective Government Ministries and NZAID visit 20 tourist budget accommodation sites on the South coast of Upolu to monitor the progress in the…  

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